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Bangladesh and Our Expectations

Bangladesh is a developing country in South Asia and its economic growth is ahead of its neighbor India in terms of GDP. On 16 December 1971, the long nine-month bloody war of liberation made it the only nation on the world map to give its life for the Bengali language. Despite manifesting itself as an independent country, even after 50 years of independence, Bangladesh could not build itself as the golden Bengal of Bangabandhu’s dream. There are some limitations and setbacks behind this. Mismanagement of education sector, administrative weakness, fragility of health sector, housing crisis, lack of proper planning to make Dhaka a livable city, fragility of agriculture sector, corruption in infrastructural development, expansion of foreign culture and products, violence against women and so on. So we have to overcome this backwardness in building a healthy and prosperous Bangladesh. Everyone has to work together. As a citizen of Bangladesh, I also dream of a beautiful Bangladesh. And to realize this dream, we need to work together.

1.Eliminate mismanagement in the Education Sector

 The picture of corruption in the education sector is serious. So first of all we have to free the education sector from corruption. Creative and innovative talents have to be put to good use by memorizing. Research in education should be given importance and young people should be encouraged in this work. Young people need to be motivated in the field of ICT and the education system needs to rely on ICT. Emphasis should be laid on improving the quality of technical education and establishing polytechnic institutes in all districts. Quality education should be spread at the grassroots level and quality schools, colleges and universities should be established in all districts. I dream that Bangladesh will one day be able to stand tall in the world in education and will be ahead in research.

2. Development of Health Sector 

 It is necessary to prevent fragility in health sector. Hospitals and health centers have to be built in every district and upazila of Bangladesh. The number of seats, operating theater, ICU etc. should be increased in each hospital. With the development of the health sector, the patient pressure in the hospitals of the district cities will be reduced. So I hope Bangladesh will one day go a long way in the development of the health sector.
3. Administrative Management and Good Bureaucracy: 
There is a clear picture of mismanagement in the administrative management of Bangladesh as the mentality of colonial rule still exists among the bureaucrats and due to this red tape violence is more prevalent. Therefore, the mentality of bureaucrats should be brought in the attitude of ‘servant of the people’ and if we can ensure transparency and accountability in administrative work, the future foreign policy of Bangladesh will bring benefits.
4. Development of the Agricultural Sector: 

 In developed countries, farmers grow crops through technology. But the farmers of our country are not able to develop the agricultural sector due to economic fragility. Brokers do not get a fair price for the crop due to violence and infrastructural reasons, so they face losses. The development of the agricultural sector, therefore, needs to increase the budget, subsidies and farmers to provide better equipment. Everyone has to work for the farmer to get his true value and respect in the society.

5. Prevention of Violence Against Women and Elimination of Superstitions: 
Violence against women has increased in Bangladesh at present. As a result, the amount of rape has also increased. Women of any age are not safe in today’s society. So we have to prevent violence against women and teach morality from the family. We have to ensure the safety of women from the village to the grassroots level. Women’s empowerment must be ensured. We want a Bangladesh where there will be no violence against women. Women will get due respect and security.
6. Prevention of Foreign Culture: 
At present, foreign culture is getting more predominance in the society of Bangladesh than the domestic culture which is also the reason for the increase in crime in the society. So a healthy indigenous culture must be nurtured, where the country will have history, tradition.
7. Expansion of Cottage Industry: 
At present cottage industry is on the verge of extinction in Bangladesh. The use of foreign products has led to the collapse of the cottage industry. Therefore, the thousand-year-old tradition of the Bengalis is on the verge of ruin today. Bangladesh will be able to stand tall in the world court through cottage industry.
Our Bangladesh is full of natural resources. The overall development of the country is possible through the proper use of natural resources. So I dream of a Bangladesh that our Bangladesh will one day stand tall in the world court and overcome all kinds of problems. Bangabandhu’s dream of building a golden Bengal will be fulfilled.


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