What We Are

Rationibus is a Latin word that simply means “International Relations” or IR as we study as an academic discipline. We are a University of Dhaka-based platform from the Department of International Relations (DUIR). It is an autonomous platform that is run and operated by the intrepid students of DUIR with proper guidance and suggestions from the faculty members of DUIR.

What We Want

We want to promote the academic discipline of IR in Bangladesh among passionate youth and people in general. Moreover, we want to make the contents of IR readily accessible to anyone in both our mother tongue Bengali and in the English language for reaching a wider audience. Also, “Edutainment” (Education + Entertainment) is also one of our main agendas for making IR interesting to anyone not familiar with this noble discipline. 

What We Do

Aside from promoting IR and publishing the write-ups of IR, we also provide skill-building workshops pertaining to the fields of academic, professional and leadership skills which are essential qualities for anyone who wishes to have a successful career in any field in the much-more competitive world of 21st Century. Our workshops are specifically streamlined to suit the members of Rationibus and the under-privileged students of DUIR.