Bangladesh’s Economic Possibilities in the Indian Ocean

Background Bangladesh in the decades of 2010s made great strides in maritime delimitations with Myanmar in 2012 and India in 2014, finally opening up the...

Bangladesh’s Teesta Megaproject: China’s Gain or India’s Loss

The current trend of the Bangladesh-India bilateral relationships is more or less bittersweet, especially on the premise of the Teesta Water Sharing Agreement as...

2021 Earth Day Conference: Dawn of a New US-Bangla Bilateral Relation

The present world is plagued by the problem of climate change. Climate change has become an important issue. Climate change is not a single...

Bangladesh Police: Scintillating Role in UN Peacekeeping Missions

Bangladesh Police is the prime law enforcement agency of Bangladesh, and it is administered under the Ministry of Home Affairs jurisdiction. Bangladesh Police which...

Padma bridge and Economic possibility of Bangladesh

The communication system is the basis of the standard of a country's economy. After the independence of Bangladesh, the communication system of this country...

Bangabandhu’s Contribution Towards the Formulation of Bangladesh Foreign Policy

  Bangabandhu Seikh Mujibar Rahman had made enormous contributions to sustain the balance of harmony and negotiations in establishing the vibrant foreign policy of Bangladesh....

Should Bangladesh Become a Bystander at Sino-Indian Clash?

There is a proverb that, "don't try to fix something until it is broken".  This proverb means before the final stage; we should not...

The Culture of Suppressing Protests

It's unsettling to come across news like attack on peaceful protesters that too on a protest for legitimate cause. On 17th October, supporter of...

Visit of Stephen Biegun in Bangladesh: A Geo-Strategic Reckoning?

US Deputy Secretary of State Stephen Biegun is paying an official visit to Bangladesh today, according to an official announcement. The timing of the...

The Balkan Trap: A Nightmare for Bangladeshi Migrant Workers

When the economic crisis in Italy began, due to the Corona outbreak, the Italian government announced to welcome a large number of illegal immigrants...

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