Secularism: Roots, Evolution & the East-West Divide

Introduction Secularism is an ideology that goes over two centuries but is still relevant all around the world. It has often been considered a taboo...

Feudalism to Sovereignty: The Emergence of the Modern State

Introduction The state is considered the main actor in international relations.  But the concept of the modern state does not emerge overnight. It is a...

Syrian Refugee Influx in Germany and Hungary

Abstract Why did Germany opt to give asylum to more than a million Syrian refugees within the three-year time span of 2015 to 2017 whereas...

Propaganda: An Effective Tool For Exploitation

Introduction Around 2500 years ago, Sun-Tzu, an ancient Chinese strategist, wrote his famous masterpiece ‘Art of War' where he remarked, “If you understand your enemy's...

Through the Lens of Normalization Policy: Bangladesh and Palestine

In the Middle East, the ‘Normalization Policy’ has been proclaimed to regulate formal relations to Muslim countries by Israel that cut off the demand...

Bangabandhu’s Post-war Diplomacy: Amplifier of Glorious Victory

Coming out as a sovereign state on December 16, 1971, Bangladesh was immediately dragged into a squeezed condition from where the expectation of a...

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