Climate Change: Blessing in Disguise for Russia

Is it even fathomable that climate change will be beneficial for some while catastrophic for many? Given the current nature of global warming and...

Bear in the Desert: What has Russia achieved from its intervention in Syria?

On 30 September 2015, the Federation Council, the upper house of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, approved the introduction of Russian forces...

Israel-Palestine War: The Curse of Economic Disparity

Israel-Palestine war is the most spoken topic in today’s world. Though the root of this problem can be blamed upon Britain in 1947 for...

Western Media and the Palestinian Crisis

Today, practically all Western media reflects that one-eyed stance towards the ever-deteriorating Palestinian crisis. They have not only adopted a strategy of disregarding Palestinians,...

Beyond Gallery: Cricket and Nationalism

Cricket is undoubtedly the second most popular sport after football in the world. Approximately 2.5 billion people who follow this sport are mainly from...

Terrorist Deradicalization And Rehabilitation In Indonesia And Singapore: A Comparative Case Study

INTRODUCTION 1.1 September 11 Attacks and Terrorist Deradicalization Programs September 11 attacks on the Twin Towers in the year 2001, which was orchestrated by Al Qaeda...

Propaganda: An Effective Tool For Exploitation

Introduction Around 2500 years ago, Sun-Tzu, an ancient Chinese strategist, wrote his famous masterpiece ‘Art of War' where he remarked, “If you understand your enemy's...

Impeaching Trump Signifies Liability In US Politics

President Donald Trump is the first president in US history who has been impeached twice. Donald Trump always wanted to make history, and this...

China’s Leadership Position: Under Threat or Government’s Lack of Interest?

One year ago, an unknown pneumonia-infected disease, now known as coronavirus, broke out in Wuhan, China. When the virus was spreading in China, various...

End of Qatar Blockade: Saudi Interest vs US Diplomatic Victory

Peace talk has finally started in the Gulf region to end Qatar's three-year blockade by its neighbour Arab states. Kuwait and the United States...

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