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Israel-Palestine War: The Curse of Economic Disparity

Israel-Palestine war is the most spoken topic in today’s world. Though the root of this problem can be blamed upon Britain in 1947 for...

Western Media and the Palestinian Crisis

Today, practically all Western media reflects that one-eyed stance towards the ever-deteriorating Palestinian crisis. They have not only adopted a strategy of disregarding Palestinians,...

Why the USA should bring a big change towards its policy on Middle-East?

Jordanian Queen Rania Abdullah once quoted, “To achieve lasting peace in the Middle-East takes guts, not guns”. If we analyse this remark, we'll uncover that...

End of Qatar Blockade: Saudi Interest vs US Diplomatic Victory

Peace talk has finally started in the Gulf region to end Qatar's three-year blockade by its neighbour Arab states. Kuwait and the United States...

Arms Embargo on Iran is lifted: What lies next?

An international conventional arms embargo on Iran, imposed 13 years ago by the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), was officially ended on 18 October...

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