2021 Earth Day Conference: Dawn of a New US-Bangla Bilateral Relation

The present world is plagued by the problem of climate change. Climate change has become an important issue. Climate change is not a single...

Why the USA should bring a big change towards its policy on Middle-East?

Jordanian Queen Rania Abdullah once quoted, “To achieve lasting peace in the Middle-East takes guts, not guns”. If we analyse this remark, we'll uncover that...

Impeaching Trump Signifies Liability In US Politics

President Donald Trump is the first president in US history who has been impeached twice. Donald Trump always wanted to make history, and this...

Llyod Austin: Joe Biden’s Political Tool or A Strategic Masterstroke

Mr Joe Biden has reinstated the courage for American democracy, and in the last election, he was the only hope to protect its values....

The Future of US-UK Relationship: A Challenge for Joe Biden

It’s said that the US-UK relationship is an “all-season friendship”. The two countries have been closely intertwined for 235 years. From World War II...

Biden’s Conquest: A Misery For Populist Leaders

We all know that Biden won the landslide victory against Donald Trump in 2020 US Presidential election. He got the victory with a total...

Antony Blinken as Secretary of State: Implications on US Foreign Policy

Personality is an important variable in foreign policy analysis. Although the role of personality in foreign policy formulation is contentious, a host of scholars...

Visit of Stephen Biegun in Bangladesh: A Geo-Strategic Reckoning?

US Deputy Secretary of State Stephen Biegun is paying an official visit to Bangladesh today, according to an official announcement. The timing of the...

How Will Biden’s Presidency Turn Out?

The president of United States is embodiment of a world order himself. Admittedly, he is the most powerful person on earth and his choices...

Joe Biden’s Challenges: Revival of the USA?

“I pledged to become a President who seeks not to divide, but unify. Who doesn’t sees the red states (Republican majority) or the blue...

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