We the members of a platform known as Rationibus (Latin for International Relations), do solemnly pledge to obey and uphold the rules and regulations as stated in the Lex Rationibus (Law of Rationibus) in its unaltered form to make it eternal and absolute. With us shall Rationibus exist and even without us it will continue to exist. We are only the embodiments and entrustments of Rationibus with a noble zeal to promote International Relations in Bangladesh. 

I) All the members in Rationibus shall respect one another irrespective of their class, creed, gender, religion, ideology and political beliefs. Here none is superior or inferior to one another.

II) Rationibus will now and forever, stand beside all the downtrodden students of International Relations who are deprived of the requisite academic skills in order to unleash their true potentials.

III) Rationibus will now and forever, maintain hierarchy among its members. The senior members will love and assist the junior members. The junior members will show respect and reverence to the senior members. The abuse of seniority by the senior members upon junior members and disrespecting senior members by the junior members will not be tolerated in Rationibus. 

IV) Rationibus will now and forever, never support the great evil known as Plagiarism.

V) Rationibus will now and forever, foster unity and cooperation among the students of International Relations from various universities in Bangladesh and if possible, around the world.

We work in the dark to spread the light, we are the Rationals.