Yard Waste & Exterior
Property Maintenance

Grass and weeds must not be longer than 12 inches in height

No household utensils should be kept in the backyard

Unwanted items kept at the curb won't be picked up for collection

Bins must be stored with a lid

Bring back your bins from the curb after the collection day

Overflowing bins or loose garbage bags won't be emptied/collected

No dilapidated vehicles should be stored in the backyard

Grass should be mowed and garbage should not be disposed at the back alley.

For Your Information

24/7 Complaint Based Service

Our Unit is complaint based. To Submit a complaint, call 311 or 519-255-2489. You can also submit via the 311 app for both the Android devices or Apple devices.

Bulk Item Pick Up!

This includes the removal of sofas, mattresses, box springs and other large items. Appliances are excluded. To see if your item qualifies call 311 and be placed on the list. Cost is $10.00 per item. Scheduled pick up date will be provided.

As a reminder don’t place items at curb until night before pick up